Financial Innovation Category
Personal mentors of Support Program are decided!


In Financial Innovation Category, we called for companies until September 11, and will select about 5 Japanese companies and about 10 foreign companies with advanced technology and business models in the initial screening. We provide “support programs” for selected companies to upgrade the proposed solutions.

Within this “support program,” we will set up an “personal mentor” to improve the solutions proposed by the participating companies, and have mentoring sessions about the following matters.

  • Consultation on business strategies and business practices in the Japanese market
  • Introducing promising partners in Japan
  • Consultation on legal matters such as legal restrictions, registration and intellectual property when entering the Japanese market
  • Consultation on brushing up pitch materials

We announce the “personal mentor” has been decided. (Will be updated)

Yuki Kishi

Plug and Play Japan

Director, Fintech Japan


  • Japan market entry support
  • Open innovation
  • Company collaboration support
  • Cross-cultural communication
Ryusuke Komura

Venture Café Tokyo

Program Director


  • Community Coordination
  • Product/ service localization to Japan’s market
  • Support for conception
  • Entrepreneurship
Yuri Suzuki

Innovation Practice Group Atsumi & Sakai

Senior Partner / Attorney at Law


  • Financial Services Regulation
  • Fintech
  • Foreign Direct Investment
Takafumi Murakami


Managing Director, Technology Strategy Lead, Japan


  • Tech strategy, Innovation strategy, Digital transformation, and IT M&A / PMI
  • Rich experience and network in various industries including the financial industry

*  Japanese syllabary order