In ESG investment, institutional investors make investment decisions while taking into account not only company financial information but also the following efforts and achievements.

  • Climate change
    Global warming, Extreme weather, Sustainable environment, CO2 emissions
    Natural resources
    Destruction of nature, Water resources, Land use, Biodiversity, Recycling
    Environmental market opportunities
    Clean technology, Renewable energy
  • Human capital
    Labor management, Promotion of women's participation, Diversity, Development of human resources
    Health and society & human rights
    Product safety, Quality control, Privacy&data security
    Consideration of others in business opprtunities
    supplier consideration, Local community consideration
  • Corporate governance
    Separation of supervision and execution
    organization for board of directors(utilization of outside directors etc.)
    Corporate activities
    Corporate Ethics contributes to social contribution
    There is no record of forgery, tampering, corruption etc.
    Promote fair competition