Survey Result

In the survey, we asked Tokyo Residents to share their thoughts on ESG investments. The questions consisted the choices of ESG investment examples from Environment, Social, Governance fields. Tokyo Residents selected the top three ESG investment examples that they care the most in their daily life and the top three selected are as follows:

1st: Climate Change

Global warming, CO2 emissions, Energy efficiency, Environmental pollution

2nd: Environmental Market Opportunities

Clean technology, Renewable energy

3rd: Human Capital

Labor management, Promotion of women’s participation, Diversity, Development of human resources


The question “Assuming that you are an investor, which area (environment, society or governance) do you want to invest in?” found that environment was the top concern followed by social and governance in the same order as social issues.


Number of applicants and applicant countries

In “ESG Investment” category, applications were received from 38 financial institutions across 8 countries and regions (including Japan).

Winners overview & Award Ceremony

Winners overview

CompanyMain ESG investment promotion activity
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.Contributing to ESG bond promotion in the domestic market

・ In the green bond market, the company gained the largest market share of more than 25% as well as the largest number of Green Bond Structuring Agent* in the country.

・ The company contributed to the market development from the founding period of the domestic ESG bond market as a pioneer.

*It is one who supports the issuance of green bonds through the establishment of a Green Bond framework and others.

Shinsei Corporate Investment LimitedImplementation of impact investments through the establishment of childcare and nursing care support funds

・ The company established the impact investment* fund which is the first-in-kind for Japanese bank groups as a solution to social challenges.

・ Focusing on social challenges that Tokyo residents are familiar and sympathize, the company aims to achieve both economic returns and social returns through the fund.     *Investments aiming to achieve both economic and social returns

S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC.Development of “Index for reducing greenhouse gases”

・ GPIF adopted the index of Japanese and foreign stocks for reducing greenhouse gases as an environmental stock index, and started managing funds on a scale of approximately 1.2 trillion yen.

・ The company encouraged portfolio companies to improve carbon efficiency and to raise awareness of environmental issues through engagement and other measures.

Award Ceremony