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  • Evaluation
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Evaluation Method

Applicants’ documents will undergo screening, and about three of the most outstanding businesses announcement and award ceremony will follow.

Evaluation Criteria

In keeping with the themes of ESG investment and SDGs management, the judging panel will evaluate submissions based on the contribution to promoting ESG investments, and so on.

In ESG investment subcategory, we welcomes applications not only from institutional investors, financial management companies and other businesses making investments, but also organizations such as rating agencies and financial service providers.

In SDGs subcategory, the target businesses are businesses practicing SDGs management activities as a part of ESG investment promotion.

Awarded Companies

Company (location)SubcategoryMain ESG Promotional Activities and SDGs Management Activities
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


SDGs Subcategory
  • Development and promotion of “GREEN PACKAGING,” a unique eco-friendly package for the realization of a sustainable society


Impact Investment Exchange(IIX)


ESG Investment Subcategory
  • Issuing social bonds focusing on women’s social and economic advancement in Asia


Nuveen Japan Co., Ltd.


ESG Investment Subcategory
  • Through investing in farmland globally, improved natural environment etc. Promoted ESG/impact investment in Japan.
Pigeon Corporation


SDGs Subcategory
  • Supporting the spread of human milk banks to save the lives of premature babies



Hiromi Yamaoka

Board Director of  Future Corporation

Masaru Arai

Chair of the Japan Sustainable Investment Forum

Kayo Oe

President of Office Libertas

Financial Planner

Yasuyuki Kato

Professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University

Professor at Kyoto University(Chairman of the ESG Study Group, Kyoto University )

Chief of Money Design Co., Ltd.

Fiona Reynolds


Judge Establishment Guidelines

Please download the Judge Establishment Guidelines from here.