Have you ever heard of the word “ESG investment” recently?

“ESG investment” comes from the first letters of Environment, Social, and Governance. ESG investment is a general term describing when an institutional investor, etc., determines whether to invest in a company, it considers ESG-related information in addition to financial data.

In 2006, the United Nations advocated investments made from an ESG standpoint rather than those solely in pursuit of short-term profit. This new way of assessing a company for investment has been generating interest – particularly among European and American institutional investors.

In 2015, at the same time as the spread of ESG investment, the SDGs were adopted at the UN Summit, which are international goals for solving global social issues and realizing a sustainable world. Each company has begun efforts to attract ESG investment by incorporating SDGs into its management.

In the ESG investment category, we are calling for measures taken by financial institutions(Asset owner, Asset manager, Rating agencies etc) to promote ESG investment in the ESG investment subcategory, and SDGs management that is practiced by businesses (including financial institutions) in the SDGs subcategory.

From the all applicants, the best about three examples will be chosen and presented their award at a ceremony in February 2021.