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Thank you for sharing your financial services-related challenges and needs.

Based on the opinions from Tokyo residents, the themes needing resolutions have been decided for each category: Deposits & Withdrawals, Payments, Asset Management, Insurance, Financing, and Other.
Financial companies offering financial services or products with the potential to resolve these themes are invited to apply for the “Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs Category”. Solutions will be judged on aspects such as the innovativeness and feasibility of the technologies/services offered, with judges then selecting the best three. (For more details on the evaluation process, click here.)


Deposits & Withdrawals  Payments  Asset Management  Insurance  Financing  Other


Themes To Be Resolved

Deposits & Withdrawals

ThemesOpinions from Tokyo Residents
1. Inconvenient that there are some procedures which can only be done in bank branches such as ID verification
  • Some procedures can’t be completed online, such as those needed when moving or changing your name after getting married.
  • If a senior citizen cannot visit a branch in person because of their age, I want the option for them to verify their identity with a smartphone.
2. Difficult to manage different login IDs and passwords and verification method for multiple online bank accounts
  • Since each bank has their own rules, I haven’t been able to fully manage my login IDs and passwords for all my different accounts.
  • I get an instruction that asks me to change the password, but It is troublesome to remember multiple passwords.
3. Hard to find services or functions when using online banking
  • I mainly make my deposits online but there are a lot of banks where their user interfaces are hard to understand.
  • Too many format to fill out in only Japanese.
4. Deposit and withdrawal fees remain high
  • Fees are too high compared with the low interest rates.
  • You have to pay ATM fees if you use ATMs outside of business hours.


ThemesOpinions from Tokyo Residents
5. Want to use electric money without depending on the service
  • I need a service that can verify an identification and make a payment without having anything.
  • I wish there would be a settlement method that could be easily used even by overseas travelers.
6. Too many different types of e-money makes it a hassle to use
  • If various e-money can be compatible without depending on the device, the cashless in the domestic and overseas will expand.
  • It’s confusing because different stores accept different e-money.
7. Many stores in Japan don’t accept credit cards
  • Would be very convenient if smaller stores took credit cards.
  • Compared with other countries, there are a lot more stores in Japan that don’t accept credit cards.
8. Hope to enhance security in case cards or smartphones are stolen
  • I worry that wallets, cards or smartphones can be stolen and misused.
  • Instead of PINs and passwords, I’d prefer fingerprint recognition or some other type of advanced yet simple security.

Asset Management

ThemesOpinions from Tokyo Residents
9. Hope tools to be able to learn about investment for beginners
  • I want my children to receive a financial education from when they’re in elementary school.
  • If you suddenly begin trading stocks or managing assets, the learning curve is very steep. It’d be great if there were game-like apps where you could try out asset management.
10. Hope to have advice on products that are neutral and suitable for asset management
  • It’s hard to find a good planner who will be neutral when giving advice on how to improve household assets.
  • There are so many types of products that I can’t begin to tell them apart.
11. There are few services/goods that can be managed with a smaller amount
  • I want there to be more asset management options available for young people.
  • If it is possible to invest in only several hundred JPY, it should stimulate motivation of young people for investment.
12. Want to start investment, but don’t understand what to do to start
  • It’s hard to get started because I don’t understand the paperwork.
  • While I do want to start managing my assets for when I get older, the procedures are too much work.


ThemesOpinions from Tokyo Residents
13. Hope to have advice on products that are neutral and suitable for insurance
  • I can’t choose because a lot of things have to be explained. Even similar products can be offered by the same company.
  • I want to be able to compare and rate many similar products.
14. Applications for getting insurance money are inconvenient
  • I want there to be insurance products that have a simple application process for single people suddenly admitted to hospital.
  • It is inconvenient that I have to apply for getting insurance money by myself. I hope it to be automatic.
15. Difficult to find out status of insurance coverage
  • I’m not able to find out the status of my relatives’ life insurance coverage if they suddenly pass away.
  • Contracts are managed separately and I feel the need to manage them all together.


ThemesOpinions from Tokyo Residents
16. Hope to simplify procedures and examination of loan
  • There are too many documents and things requiring my seal.
  • Home loan agreements are very complicated, so I never feel like wanting to make changes to my loan.
17. Hope to have advice on loans that are neutral and suitable
  • Though there is market competition, having so many institutions makes it hard to compare loan conditions.
  • I want a service (that can be outsourced) which analyzes the pros and cons of each loan’s conditions, such as fixed and variable rates, etc.
18. I want a loan service that can accept even stat-up companies with low creditworthiness
  • It’d be good if loan assessments weren’t limited to the traditional criteria of finances and attributes (e.g. use social media information or purchasing data, etc.).
  • When starting your own business, I want to be able to obtain loans without needing the proprietor’s guarantee.
19. Want a loan service tailored to the cash flow
  • I want a service that provides alert for cash management , or online finance.
  • I expect to escape from collateral principle and accelerate to cash flow based evaluation and execution.


ThemesOpinions from Tokyo Residents
20. Want a service that can manage my financial assets collectively, such as bank accounts, insurance, securities, inheritance etc.
  • Inheritance procedures, etc., are very convoluted. You have to submit your family register to every bank involved. I hope that procedures like these can be done in one sitting.
  • I want a system where singles can easily indicate their wishes when it comes to managing their retirement funds or distributing their money after they pass away.

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