The themes were set based on “Needs/Challenges related to financial services”.

We have set the 30 themes to be solved based on the opinions we received from many residents in Tokyo past year and businesses in this year as the BtoC themes (DEPOSITS/WITHDRAWALS, PAYMENTS, ASSET MANAGEMENT, INSURANCE, FINANCING, OTHERS) and BtoB themes.
To select companies eligible for awards in the “Financial Innovation Category,” we invite financial companies offering financial services and products that can be the solutions for each theme. We will decide the three companies based on the innovativeness, feasibility, etc. of the solutions. (For details on judgment, please refer to the page of the evaluation outline.)


【BtoC Themes】


【BtoB Themes】

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Themes Requiring Solutions

【Note】 Black letters…Themes for last year

           Orange letters…New themes added this year

BtoC Themes


ThemesOpinions of residents in Tokyo
1. Inconvenient that there are some procedures of opening an account, such as ID verification
  • Generally, transactions can be completed online, but some transactions still require sealing and signature at the window.
2. Difficult to manage different login IDs and passwords and verification method for multiple online bank accounts
  • Troublesome to manage passwords for online banking.
3. Hard to find services or functions when using online banking
  • The operation of online banking is complicated.
4. Deposits and withdrawal fees remain high
  • The bank fees for transfer, withdrawals, deposits are high.
5. Want a simple and low-cost app for making transfers
  • Want to use a simple and smart app for transfer.
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ThemesOpinions of residents in Tokyo
6. Want other convenient cashless payment methods besides e-money
  • It would be convenient if I could make payments anytime and anywhere without having any tools such as smartphones, credit cards, cash etc.
7. Too many different types of e-money makes it a hassle to use
  • Confusing due to too many methods for electronic money payments.
8. The number of stores in Japan that accept credit cards, etc, is limited
  • Want to take a bus/train by using a credit card.
  • Desirable if more stores would accept credit cards for small-amount shopping.
  • Few stores offers smartphone payment services.
9. Security systems should be strengthened to prevent theft and unauthorized use of cards/smartphones
  • Measures should be taken to prevent unauthorized payments in response to the spread of QR code payments, etc.
  • Concerned about information leakage during the use of PCs.
10. Want to have a payment system platform utilizing transportation/ MaaS *
  • Want to have a consistent payment system within MaaS.
  • Want to have a payment platform that can be used for multiple transportation companies.
    (e.g.) A system allowing for one-time payment even when using Shinkansen and a bus to get to the destination.

*MaaS : “Mobility as a Service”.

MaaS is a concept that views mobility as an integrated service for users, not simply as a means,  but rather a single mobility service using one app to provide optimum means of transport from a place of departure to a destination. (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

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Asset Management

ThemesOpinions of residents in Tokyo
11. Want tools for beginners for learning about finance
  • It would be nice to have a workshop where busy business person can easily learn about asset management since there are few opportunities to do that.
  • Want tools that is easy for learners to understand, using new technology
12. Want to start investing, but don’t understand how to start
  • Hope to have a service that I can start without hesitation.
  • There is few service that I can start easily.
  • The procedures for contracts are troublesome.
13. Want advice on asset management products that is suitable for the respective customer from a neutral perspective
  • Want to have advice not from sales perspective.
  • There are too many asset management products, which makes it difficult to find a suitable product for me.
14. There are few services/goods that can be managed with a smaller amount
  • Interested in small investments with small handling fees.
  • Hope to have a service that automatically converts a fixed percentage of the payment amount to investment instead of point reduction when payments are made with a credit cared.
15. Want a new service that allows investment advice to be received which is linked to daily life
  • Hope to have an app etc., which offers suggestions for asset formation, such as a withdrawal limit linked to expected amount or trend of monthly payments.
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ThemesOpinions of residents in Tokyo
16. Insurance procedures are inconvenient
  • It is inconvenient that medical insurance payment procedures to receive the insurance are complicated and troublesome.
  • Want to claim and receive the insurance for overseas travelers on the spot without returning home.
  • Want to do various procedures online, not at the window or by mail.
  • It is difficult to understand the items described in the contracts and documents.
17. Difficult to find out status of insurance coverage
  • Unable to check or go through procedures for insurances of more than one company all at once.
  • Want to have a list that enables me to grasp the subscription status of my family members and to understand the shortage/excess of compensation.
18. Want advice on insurance products that is suitable for the respective customer from a neutral perspective
  • Want to have easy-to-understand advice on the insurance that I need.
  • Difficult to compare insurance products due to different service conditions for each product.
19. Want a service that allows insurance sharing
  • Hope to have the insurance services that allows users to think of the insurance they want, invite people to pay premiums and start payment after gaining approval from the insurance management body when a certain number of people required to avoid the risk of payment are collected.
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ThemesOpinions of residents in Tokyo
20. Want quicker and simpler procedures and examinations of loans
  • Application is a hassle due to many troublesome documents to submit.
  • Hope to have more flexible financing utilizing blockchains or AI.
21. Want advice on loans that is neutral and suitable 

  • It’s bothersome to look at multiple financial institutions to find out the one that suits me.
  • Hope to have a place where I can feel free to consult because financing sounds difficult.
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ThemesOpinions of residents in Tokyo
22. Want a service that can manage financial assets collectively, such as bank accounts, insurance, securities, inheritance etc.
  • Want to have a service to collectively manage my financial assets.
  • Want to have an app to collectively manage cash flow, insurance and assets.
23. Want to have a new financial service in preparation for the coming age in which life expectancy will average 100 years
  • It would be nice to have financial products like “Mortgage in the Age with Life Expectance of 100 Years” in preparation for a long-lived society.
  • Want to have a service that enables me to manage assets from a young age with an eye toward my life after retirement and to prepare for risks such as dementia.
24. Want to have a proactive service to prevent financial crime
  • Hope that technology will be used to prevent financial crimes such as “Me scam”. For example, it would be a good idea to analyze the content of the call and alert the user when a possibility of fraud is detected.
25. Want to have comprehensive financial service in the event of an economic crisis
  • Facing the unprecedented situation of COVID 19, want to purchase insurance and receive immediate compensation when an emergency occurs and use microfinance system in case of an emergency.
  • In case of an emergency, want to get a support not only temporary financial support but also independence support that for people who are are economically vulnerable.
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BtoB Themes


ThemesOpinions of businesses in Tokyo
1. Want a loan service that meets the unique needs of start-up companies and SMEs
  • Want a loan that can be received even by companies with low creditworthiness.
  • Want a loan service tailored to cash flow.
2. To suit the new work style at With/After Corona, want a service to enhance the security
  • In the era “with/after COVID 19”, due to the increasing adoption of remote work throughout the financial industry and concerns about the leakage of personal information owned by each institution, we would require stronger security .
3. Want a service to promote data utilization
  • Although we would like to use our data to expand the business, it is time-consuming to process the data into a versatile format. Therefore, we only use it within our own company.
  • It would be beneficial to investors if alternative data * which has never been used before, could be used to predict stock prices, etc. and detect mispricing.
4. Want to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industry
  • The majority of insurance sales are still face-to-face, and there is still a lot of paperwork involved in the insurance enrollment process. In the future, we would like to consider using digital methods, such as online chat and video conferencing, to make life planning and other activities conducted by insurance salespersons and insurance agents.
  • Since securities companies still use PDF files for all of their securities reports, it is necessary to digitize their office work.
  • With the digitization of various procedures, eKYC should also be sophisticated (balance between robustness and simplicity, cheaper, etc.).
  • Hope to realize call centers that do not require human intervention but response by accumulation of data and developing deep learning technology.
5. Want a service that promotes collaboration within the financial industry and with non-financial industries
  • With the amendment of the financial services intermediary legislation, more collaboration will be promoted within the financial industry and between financial and non-financial entities in the future, and it would make it easier to provide the existing banking services via smartphones and tablets.

* A generic term for a group of data other than general public information, used by institutional investors to make investment decisions, such as the data conventionally used to disclose financial results.

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