Evaluation Method

Applicants’ documents will undergo an initial screening, with a judging panel then selecting the around 5 Japanese companies and around 10 foreign companies who will move on to the next stage.
Companies who pass the initial screening will join (obligatory participation, in principle online) the Support Program,followed by the final screening and demo event, and the ranking announcement and ceremony will take place.

Process after Application

Initial Evaluation・Result

The five companies proposing the most outstanding solutions(services, products) will be selected. Selected companies will then take part in the “Support Program”(obligatory participation) held by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Outline of Support Program Participants (in alphabetical order)

Company NameCountryThemeBusiness Overview
aircrexAustraliaWant a service that can manage financial assets collectively, such as bank accounts, insurance, securities, inheritance etc.Provide an autonomous with social dynamic finance solution that helps integrate, automate, and optimise financial situations to accurately set, track and achieve life goals and improve financial wellbeing for millennials and gen z.
Block ArmourIndiaTo suit the new work style at With/After Corona, want a service to enhance the securityProvides a next-gen Zero Trust security*1 solution to enable highly secure and compliant remote access for employees working from home.
Credify Pte LtdSingaporeWant a service to promote data utilizationProvides technologies that help companies more effectively  acquire new users and gain insights into their existing users by enabling them to share data between services in a secure and privacy-preserving manner.
CrowdLoan Inc.JapanWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryProvides a loan platform that allows users to compare and consider loan plan proposals from multiple banks based on user registration information.
Finatext Holdings Ltd.JapanWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryProvides partner companies with cloud infrastructure and data analysis platform to develop financial services for securities and insurance.
GetID OÜEstoniaWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryProvides an all-in-one identity verification service that streamlines your customer onboarding process, ensures full regulatory compliance and helps to reduce fraud.
HEXANIKA INCUSWant a service to promote data utilizationProvides an end-to-end*2 software with an AI driven data platform that automates data management processes such as sourcing, ingesting, aggregation and consolidation with improved data quality and 100% data transparency.
inSharerance LLCUSWant to have comprehensive financial service in the event of an economic crisisProvides P2P*3 insurance for huge risks such as earthquakes directly under the capital, which conventional insurance companies could not cover.
LEJR LLCUSWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryProvides a service that links personal seals (hanko/inkcan)s to public blockchains*4 to turn them into digital tools.
LynxKite (Lynx Analytics)SingaporeWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryProvides an open source, one-stop graph data science platform for commercial data science departments of banks, insurance companies, securities companies, and asset management companies.
Merkle ScienceSingaporeWant a service that promotes collaboration within the financial industry and with non-financial industriesProvides a service for financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and cryptocurrency companies to support network monitoring to detect, investigate, and prevent fraudulent use of cryptocurrencies.
OLTA Inc.JapanWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryOffering Cloud / AI-powered factoring*5, which is the first online invoice factoring for SMBs in Japan.
PaygilantIsraelWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industryProvides fraud prevention, frictionless  authentication, while ensuring user privacy for digital banking and payment transactions.
Sustainable Lab Inc.JapanWant a service to promote data utilizationProvides non-financial databanks for corporations and SDGs contribution platforms for consumers intending to promote ESG / SDGs.
TestamentoFranceWant to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industrySupports companies in providing specific advice on customers’ end- of -life planning, by collecting customer data, diagnosing, and providing simulations. Promotes digitization of traditionally paper-based heritage with inheritance procedures.
xenodata Lab.JapanWant a service to promote data utilizationProvides a SaaS service that analyzes economic news and corporate financial results disclosure materials with AI and various economic information such as corporate performance and statistics.

*1 The idea of performing inspection and log acquisition on the assumption that all traffic is not trusted

*2 The entire route connecting two parties that communicate in a communication network, or both ends.

*3 Abbreviation for peer-to-peer. Between equals.

*4 Blockchain network that anyone can join freely

*5 Purchase service for trade receivables


Support Program

As the selected companies head towards the final screening, they will work on developing their service or product into a concrete offering. The Support Program will include preliminary seminars, a mentoring program, business matching opportunities, and provision of office space.

Final Evaluation

The judging panel will rank the developed products/services of the three companies who are selected in the initial screening and who meet a certain standard.

Awarded Companies

PlaceCompany (location)ThemeSubmission Outline



Want to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industry

  • Provides technology which utilizes six innovative fraud intelligence sets, to determine whether a digital transaction is legitimate or fraudulent
2ndCredify Pte. Ltd.



Want a service to promote data utilization

  • Provide “idX (Identity Exchange)” based on the idea of “Self-Sovereign” and “Decentralized” Identity which the user manages their personal information and controls the disclosure scope of personal information by himself/herself
3rdCrowdLoan Inc.



Want to further accelerate digital transformation in the financial industry

  • Proposed to add the function to improve the credit examination with the unique AI by using the existing loan data combining the external data

Evaluation Criteria

Financial companies propose their solutions (services, products) for the themes selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. These themes are based on the financial services-related themes submitted by Tokyo residents and businesses.

The judging panel will evaluate solutions based on numerous factors, including the degree of meeting themes, solution’s originality and innovativeness and its feasibility.


Hiromi Yamaoka

Board Director of  Future Corporation

Tomonori Uchiyama

Professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University

Kayo Oe

President of Office Libertas

Financial Planner

David Milstein

Director of Japan Venture Capital Association(JVCA)

Masakazu Masujima

Partner, Mori Hamada& Masumoto

Judge Establishment Guidelines

Please download the Judge Establishment Guidelines from here.