The 1st General Policy

This site is to aim at being based on the grade “AA” of the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3:2010 “Design guideline in consideration of elderly people and disabled persons in the information and communications equipment, software and services Part 3 : Web contents”.


This policy aims at the range of the subordinate of this site, TOKYO FINANCIAL AWARD 2018.(


Following contents are out of scope due to difficulty of correction.

1. Contents without data to correct(unable to correct)
2. A part of the past produced images and movies
3. Service provided from outside and its accompanied contents
4. PDF data

3.Term, Target Date, and the Grade

To be based on the grade “AA”

The 2nd Test Result of Web Accessibility

The test result based on JIS X 8341-3:2010 of this site is as follows.
As for the tested pages in this site, they are based on the achievement grade “AA”.

1.Achievement Grade

Grade “AA”

2.Tested Pages

Based on the JIS X 8341-3:2010 test implementation guideline, we tested following subordinate page.(



4.Web Contents Technology Depended


5.Attainment Criterion Checklist

【Attainment Criterion Checklist】
subdividion articleattainment criteriongradeapplicationconformityremarks contentsA containing only the sound inclusion attained and the image inclusion attainedAno sound and no image contents of the voice contents inclusion attainedAno sound and no image contents contents or the voice guide of image contents inclusion attainedA of the voice contents of the liveAAno sound and no image contents guide of the image contents inclusion attainedドAA and relationshipA orderA featureA of a colorA controlA contrastAA of a textAA by which imaging was carried outAA operationA movementA time limitAno sound and no image contents stop, stop, and undisplayAno sound and no image contents which is not blinked 3 times or below a threshold valueAno sound and no image contents・skipA titleA orderA of the link in the contextA or more attainment meansAA and labelAA which can be recognized visuallyAA used in a pageA used partiallyAA of the situation by an on-focusA of the situation by a user interface elementA navigationAA distinctivenessAA of an input error partA or an explanatory noteA of the input error editing methodAA liability, monetary dealings, data change, and error evasion of reply transmissionAAno legal liability, monetary-dealings and data change / reply transmitting contents analysisA which can be interpreted by a program, a role and the value which can be set upA

6.Tested Period