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What is the Tokyo Financial Award?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), in collaboration with the national government, private sector, and others, is advancing initiatives to revitalize the financial sector in order to win back Tokyo’s position as the top global financial city in Asia.

As one project in the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is hosting the “Tokyo Financial Award.” Since 2018, the TMG has been granting a prize to financial institutions who provide and develop innovative products and services that meet Tokyo citizens’ needs and challenges, as well as financial institutions who work to promote ESG investments.

1. Financial Innovation Category

Tokyo residents are invited to submit any dissatisfaction they feel, or requests they have regarding the financial services in Tokyo, or services they wish.Tokyo Metropolitan Government will choose the theme to be resolved from these applications, and ask domestic and foreign financial companies offering relevant solutions to apply for.

2. ESG Investment* Category

Tokyo residents are invited to share which areas of ESG they are interested in. Financial businesses making ESG investments within areas of high interest for Tokyo residents can then apply.

From the all applicants, the best companies will be chosen and awarded at a ceremony in February 2021.

The details will be released on the website sequentially.

*ESG investment:

※Environment, Social, and Governance. ESG investment is a general term describing when an institutional investor, etc., determines whether to invest in a company, it considers ESG-related information in addition to financial data.

Sourece: GPIF “What is ESG investment”