Question: Is BLK app legit?

For a little over a year since its official launch, BLK has been growing its member base, which is exclusive to Black singles living in the United States and Canada. With its strict registration process, you are sure that the majority of its members are authentic and have genuine intentions in using the app.

Why did I get banned from blk?

Prostitution and Trafficking Promoting or advocating for commercial sexual services, human trafficking or other non-consensual sexual acts is strictly prohibited and will result in your account being banned from BLK.

Who created Blk app?

BLK App (pronounced B-L-K App) is an app founded by, has been around for three years, and is currently led by Jonathan Kirkland, the Head of Marketing and Brand.

What happens when you report someone on blk?

Dating Safety Please report bad behavior, inappropriate photos and scammers. All reports are anonymous and your identity will not be shared with the person you are reporting.

Is blk still in business?

So while its true that blk is still around, and can even still be bought online, the brains behind it have let the idea go, so Id suggest any but the most passionate RHONJ fans should probably do the same.

Who is the owner of Blk cosmetics?

Jacqe Gutierrez, CEO and Co-Founder of BLK Cosmetics.

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