Question: What is the synonym of benefit?

advantage, reward, merit, good point, strong point, strength, asset, plus, plus point, bonus, boon, blessing, virtue. perk, fringe benefit, additional benefit, added extra. usefulness, helpfulness, convenience, advantageousness, value, profit.

What is a synonym and antonym for benefit?

benefitnoun. Antonyms: encumbrance, detriment, nuisance, obstacle, hindrance, disadvantage, malefic. Synonyms: aid, subsidy, assistance, help, boon, foredeal, advantage, batten.

What is the another word for benefit?

What is another word for benefit?advantageassetgratuitymeritprivilegerewardbonusfavorUSfringe benefitgodsend172 more rows

What are two synonyms for benefit?

In this page you can discover 103 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for benefit, like: advantage, bonus, gain, boon, profit, rewarding, compensation, sanative, (for) charity, benefaction and benefice.

What is the antonym of benefited?

What is the opposite of benefited?worseneddamagedharmedthwartedstoppedimpededdebilitatedincapacitatedweakenedhindered43 more rows

What is a word for not beneficial?

What is another word for not beneficial?nonpayingprofitlessunsuccessfulunprofitableworthlessunproductivefutileuselessvainfruitless13 more rows

What is it called when something benefits you?

perk. noun. a benefit or advantage that you get from a situation.

What is a good synonym for helpful?

synonyms for helpfulaccessible.advantageous.cooperative.productive.supportive.sympathetic.useful.valuable.

What type of word is beneficial?

Helpful or good to something or someone. Recycling and reusing garbage can have beneficial effects on the environment.

How do you describe a helpful person?

If you describe someone as helpful, you mean that they help you in some way, such as doing part of your job for you or by giving you advice or information. The staff in the London office are helpful but only have limited information. James is a very helpful and cooperative lad. Thank you, youve been most helpful.

How do you say someone is helpful?


What is the adjective for benefit?

benefit is both a noun and a verb, beneficial is an adjective:His insurance plan provides medical benefits.

Is beneficial and benefit the same?

Benefit is the noun and beneficial is the adjective. The same word but in different forms. example: I benefit from studing therefore studying is beneficial to me.

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