Question: What is Golf Variant?

Based on the same MQB platform as the regular, eighth generation, of the Volkswagen Golf, the Variant was the station-wagon version for the well-known German compact car. Inside, the Golf Variant featured the same dashboard as the regular Golf, with that clean look for the dashboard, uncluttered by too many buttons.

What is the difference between golf style and golf life?

Golf Style Over the kit you get in Life models, Style adds 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome trims on the exterior, door puddle lights and LED headlights that move as you turn corners. The front seats have lumbar adjustment and you also get three-zone climate control.

Why is the golf called a rabbit?

In the US, however, the Mark 1 Golf was called the Rabbit, because it was meant to be small and nimble, and Golf sounded too upscale for an economy car aimed at young buyers. Years later, they would also introduce the VW Fox, carrying on that theme.

What does R stand for Golf?

Racing The R in Golf R stands for Racing.

Is the VW Rabbit a Golf?

Volkswagen introduced the Golf in 1974 as the intended successor to its popular Beetle. By 1975 the Golf had landed on U.S. shores rebadged as the VW Rabbit. (In 1985, VW saw fit to call the car the same thing worldwide and badged the second-generation versions Golf.)

What TSI means in VW?

Turbocharged Stratified Injection TSI: This abbreviation stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection. All U.S. models now have a turbocharged engine, and stratified injection simply means the fuel is injected into the cylinders before ignition. This way you get the best mix of oxygen and gas for improved efficiency.

What does Golf TSI stand for?

turbocharged stratified injected The Volkswagen turbocharged stratified injected (TSI) engine is a lightweight, high-power, fuel-efficient four-cylinder traditional combustion engine. A twin-charged performance version of the engine can be found in the Golf GTI and Jetta GLI.

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