Question: What does the word Schreiben mean in German?

What is Schreiben in German?

schreiben verb. write, type, write in, write out.

How do you conjugate Schreiben in German?

Conjugate the verb schreiben:ich schreibe. du schrieb. wir haben geschrieben.ihr werdet schreiben.sie würden schreiben.

How do you conjugate sprechen in German?

The verb sprechen means to talk or to speak. Its an irregular verb that changes its stem in the present tense second- and third-person singular from e into i (sprechen - er spricht)....Lesson Summary.Subject PronounPresent ConjugationihrsprechtsiesprechenSiesprechen6 more rows

What is the meaning of Fragen in English?

through; by; into; by means of; by dint of; due to; owing to; from; during; across; through the agency of. fragend. quizzical.

What type of word is still?

adverb Still is an adverb and an adjective.

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