Question: Is Ihnen dative or accusative?

Is it dative or accusative?

In the simplest terms, the accusative is the direct object that receives the direct impact of the verbs action, while the dative is an object that is subject to the verbs impact in an indirect or incidental manner.

How do you know if a German word is dative or accusative?

Accusative or Dative? Accusative case is the object of the sentence, and dative is the indirect object of the sentence. In sentences that have both a direct object and an indirect object, its usually pretty clear which noun has a more direct relationship to the verb: Ich hab ihm das Geschenk gegeben.

Whats the difference between IHR and ihre?

ihr, ihre differs from the gender of the object. die Tasche (the bag) is female therefore you use ihre/Ihre, if you use a male object i.e. der Ring (the ring) it is ihr. Das ist ihr Ring = That is her ring.

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