Question: Why does Match suspend accounts?

The hide option appeals to members who wish to remain temporarily inactive on the site, e.g. because they want to get to know their way around the site before allowing members to see and contact them. Suspending a profile means that you no longer receive alerts from the site and are not visible to other members.

Why did match com suspend my account?

If you break the terms of use of, you will receive a block on your account. If has made a mistake or you have an explanation for your actions, they may take the block off of the account.

How do you Unsuspend your Match account?

Click Suspend my account under Help to the left of the page. Then click Suspend my account to confirm. Well send you an email to confirm. You can reactivate your account any time by clicking on the link in this email, or just logging into Match.

What happens when you suspend a users account?

When you suspend an account, the users: Email, documents, calendars, Currents posts, and other data arent deleted. Shared documents are still accessible to collaborators. New email and calendar invitations are blocked.

How long does Google suspend your account?

If an account gets suspended more often than that, no one can reset it, including Google Support. You must wait 24 hours for the account to be automatically re-enabled. To help a user avoid getting their account suspended, show them Google mail policies.

How long is Tiktok suspension?

Solution: In such a case, the suspension will automatically lift between the period of 24 hours from suspension to 7 days. If it lasts even longer, then you can go to “Privacy and Settings” and then tap on “Report a problem“.

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