Question: Why cant Corey Graves wrestle anymore?

Graves returned on the NXT TakeOver: R Evolution pre-show on December 11, where he announced his official in-ring retirement due to his concussion issues.

What happened to Corey Graves WWE?

Thats because, for years, “The Savior of Misbehavior” was laser-focused on making it to the top of WWE. He captured the NXT Tag Team Championship with Neville and was consistently a threat to the NXT Title. However, a series of concussions forced Graves into an early retirement from the ring.

Is Corey Graves married?

Amy Polinskym. 2009–2020 Corey Graves/Spouse

How much do WWE commentators get paid?

WWE Ring Announcers SalariesAnnouncersBase SalaryFranchiseKayla Braxton$80,000Smack DownLilian Garcia$250,000Raw & Smack DownMike Rome$180,000Raw5 more rows

Is Shane McMahon rich?

Shane McMahon is an American professional wrestler, businessman, and the vice-chairman of Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc, formerly Wecast Holdings Inc....Shane McMahon Net Worth 2021.Full NameShane Brandon McMahonNet worth$100 millionSource of wealthWWE, Seven Stars Cloud Group, professional wrestling, other business ventures6 more rows

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