Question: Why is Deal Kent called Deal?

The name is the Old English dael meaning valley, cognate with the modern English dale. Deal developed into a port by the end of the 13th century. Sandown, Deal and Walmer castles were constructed around the town by Henry VIII to protect against foreign naval attack.

Did Deal Castle have a moat?

Deal Castle retains most of its original 16th-century structure, including a tall keep with six semi-circular bastions, 86 feet (26 m) across, at the centre, flanked by a further six rounded bastions, the western of which served as a gatehouse, surrounded by a moat and a curtain wall.

Who built Deal Castle?

King Henry VIII Built by the order of King Henry VIII, Deal Castle is one of the finest Tudor artillery castles in England, and a must see on your visit to the quirky seaside town of Deal.

Who lived in Deal castle?

Deal, unlike a medieval castle which was usually a permanent family home, was purely a garrison fortress. It had living quarters for a captain, 34 soldiers, a trumpeter and drummer.

Are dogs allowed at Deal castle?

Dogs. No dogs allowed, but assistance dogs welcome.

Can you go inside deal castle?

Today you can explore the whole of the castle, from the storerooms to the first-floor captains residence. Take a walk around the defences and admire the squat, rounded bastions and cannons.

Can dogs go on the beach in Deal Kent?

Deal beach Dogs on leads are permitted on the pier and on the promenade between Deal Castle & Sandown Castle.

Can I take my dog to Sissinghurst?

Dogs are welcome to explore as much of the estate as they like but arent allowed in the main garden or in the vegetable garden and please keep dogs on leads when near livestock.

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