Question: Is it OK to give your phone number online dating?

Theres no reason to give out a phone number before meeting. Use the app to pick a time and place to meet. Remember conventional wisdom: Meet in a public place, let a friend know ahead where youll be, and plan to check in after. Use dating sites that require proof of identity to establish an account.

What can someone do with your phone number online?

11 Ways How Can Scammers Use Your Phone NumberAccess your social media accounts.Text message or contact your friends and family to scam them.Spoofing your phone number and calling people you know to commit fraud.Text phishing messages to your contacts - this is called smishing. •Mar 23, 2021

Is giving your phone number to a stranger dangerous?

With your phone number, online scammers can pose with your identity and use this opportunity to solicit close friends and family members for funds and other favours. Scammers who have no control of your phone number can still make it a target for robocalls and phishing texts.

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