Question: How do I get a temporary marriage in Iran?

Usually, according to Iranian tradition, virgin girls must obtain permission from their father to marry permanently or temporarily, but according to the Iranian Civil Law Articles 1043 and 1044, girls can obtain permission to become a sigheh wife by simply identifying their husband-to-be by name and providing details ...

How common is temporary marriage in Iran?

Despite its religious imprimatur, temporary marriage has never been very popular in Iran. Tradition dictates that women be virgins when they marry; even when theyre not, they should pretend to be.

How many foreigners live in Iran?

4,037,258 In 2021 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran published new statistics showing that 4,037,258 Iranians are currently living abroad.

Is Iran an educated country?

Iran has a high literacy rate by regional standards, and in comparison to many other countries at similar levels of development, is a very educated society. The countrys adult literacy rate stood at 84.6 percent in 2013 (UNESCO), compared to 85 percent worldwide and 78 percent in the neighboring Arab states. 2015.

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