Question: Does Blue Note still exist?

After Universal Music Group took over EMI, Blue Note Records is now operated under Capitol Music Group, while Decca Records took over UK distribution of Blue Note.

How much is a Blue Note?

Each Volume of Blue Note Review costs $200. This includes shipping to the US or Canada. Customers in Europe will incur an additional $10 in shipping expenses. Customers in Mexico, Latin America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa will incur an additional $20 in shipping expenses.

Where was the original Blue Note?

New York City Blue Note Jazz Club is a jazz club and restaurant located at 131 West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village, New York City. The club was opened on September 30, 1981, by owner and founder Danny Bensusan, with the Nat Adderley Quintet being the featured performers for the night.

How many Blue Note Records are there?

Blue Note Records has released over 1,000 albums during its 80-year lifetime.

What is bent or Blue Note?

The blue notes are usually said to be the lowered third, lowered fifth, and lowered seventh scale degrees. Blue notes are also prevalent in English folk music. Bent or blue notes, called in Ireland long notes, play a vital part in Irish music.

What is bent or blue note?

What is a bent or blue note? New Orleans. What American city is the birthplace of jazz? Trumpet.

What is 1st pressing?

The Definition of a first pressing or pressed vinyl record, is a record that was pressed from the 1st original masters. There seems to be some controversy between record collectors of what is a first pressing as opposed to first issues.

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