Question: What is Olaplex No 1 and 2 used for?

Olaplex is the complete solution to repair, rebuild and restore broken hair bonds. This is all thanks to a single molecule: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. This patented ingredient is designed to seek out broken hair bonds in your clients hair caused by heat, chemical, mechanical and colour damage.

What does Olaplex number 1 and 2 do?

1 is meant to mitigate damage during chemical services, and No. 2 finds more single sulfur hydrogen bonds and crosslinks them back together WITHOUT chemicals working against it.

When to use Olaplex No 1 and 2?

HOW DO I INTRODUCE OLAPLEX TO MY CLIENTS? directly into your color and then apply the No. Bond Perfector before we shampoo. Then Ill give you a bottle of the No. Take Home Hair Perfector that is part of this professional service that youll use once a week.

How often can you use Olaplex 1 and 2?

You can get the Stand Alone treatment performed as often as you like! We recommend Olaplex treatments once a week to maintain healthy hair and 2-3 times a week for damaged hair.

What does Olaplex 1 do for your hair?

1. Olaplex is formulated to protect hair from chemical damage. Olaplex not only protects the hair from the process to get a desired color, but it also prevents further damage, makes the hair strong, healthier, shinier, and also helps mend some of the previous damage.

Do you tone before or after Olaplex No 2?

(If Applicable:Toner) You will actually use no. 2 before your toner if specified not to shampoo your toner out. If you are instructed not to shampoo, then you will rinse highlight, apply No.

Should I wash my hair before OLAPLEX 1 and 2?

We recommend applying the No. 1 and water mixture to dry hair to see visible saturation. If client has product buildup such as oils or silicones, shampoo first with OLAPLEX No.

Can you mix OLAPLEX 1 and 2 together?

Add 1/2oz (15ml) Olaplex No. 1 into the application bottle and mix them together. Apply a generous amount of Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector to your hair and comb through to distribute it evenly.

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