Question: Who does Kokichi have a crush on?

He has also more than once mentioned that he is constantly thinking about Shuichi, and claims that he is his favorite whom he loves the most. On his whiteboard, its shown that Kokichi has a more positive, though slightly unclear, impression of Shuichi, considering him trustworthy?.

Does Kokichi actually like Himiko?

In chapter fives trial, Kokichi has passed away, but before he died he left Kaito Momota notes, telling him how to act around the rest of the characters. Kaito following the notes will tell at some point that he likes Himiko, causing her to blush.

Does Shuichi have crush on Kaito?

In general, Shuichi greatly admires Kaito for his honesty and helpfulness, though he does recognize his sillier moments. According to Shuichi, he has never been around someone like Kaito, and he says that his own insecurities and anxiety fade away in his company.

Did tsumugi have a crush on Gonta?

During the fourth Class Trial, Tsumugi valiantly defended Gonta once he was called out as the culprit by Kokichi. She called Gonta a sweetheart and claimed that he wouldnt even kill bugs.

Who is Mius love interest?

Love Interest Kenichi is the first friend Miu had ever made and has a strong bond with. She first accidentally tossed him from behind and apologize to him and at the same time recognized him from a long time ago. Miu was even the reason Kenichi decided to move into Ryozanpaku to become stronger.

Who killed Tsumugi?

At the near end of the game (Chapter 6), Tsumugi was rightfully revealed as the organizer of the event and is executed alongside Monokuma by K1-B0.

Who kills Kokichi?

Kaito Momota He claims to be the mastermind of the Killing Game although its later revealed he was trying to deceive everyone to end the Killing Game. He is killed by Kaito Momota as of Chapter 5.

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