Question: Who is most likely to experience empty nest syndrome?

This condition is typically more common in women, who are more likely to have had the role of primary carer. Unlike the grief experienced when (for example) a loved one dies, the grief of empty nest syndrome often goes unrecognised, because an adult child moving out of home is seen as a normal, healthy event.

What percent of parents experience empty nest syndrome?

While 66 percent admitted they did experience empty nest syndrome, 68 percent also said that they ultimately enjoy being an empty nester. But the new survey also shows in todays day and age, many parents are still taking care of their kids even if theyre living elsewhere.

Which couple is experiencing an empty nest?

A couple married for 34 years staged an epic empty nest photo shoot. When Juan and Dalila Perezs youngest child moved out, the couple staged an empty nest photo shoot. The images were modeled after baby announcement photos, in which the couple shared they were expecting zero children.

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