Question: Who is 69s Babymama?

69s baby mama, Sara Molina, is almost fully recovered from her recent Brazilian butt lift and a 360 liposuction, according to her manager and these photos snapped Tuesday show the fruits of her plastic surgeons labor.

Who are Tekashi 69 baby mommas?

69s baby mama, Sara Molina, had gone through a bout of depression from being holed up at her house during the pandemic according to her manager. So, she went down to Colombia for a little pick-me-up in the form of a Brazilian butt lift and a 360 liposuction.

What race is 69 Babymama?

The rising Instagram star was born on January 17, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an American nationality, while she is of Puerto Rican descent. She was born to African-American parents, Irene Rodrigues and Luis Rodrigues.

Does Tekashi 69 have a kid?

Most Tekashi 6ix9ine fans are aware he has a 5-year-old daughter named Saraiyah with ex Sara Molina, but many may not know about his second child.

What did 68 snitch about?

He testified for the prosecution about the Bloods, Jim Jones and Cardi B. Now he faces an uncertain future. Daniel Hernandez, better known as Tekashi 69 or 6ix9ine, rocketed to viral Instagram fame as a rapper with an over-the-top persona.

How many kids does 69 have?

Does Tekashi 6ix9ine have kids? The 24-year-old New York native and Gummo artist does indeed have kids — in fact, he has two daughters: Saraiyah and Briella Iris. His eldest daughter, Saraiyah, was born to Sara Molina, who has not exactly been singing 6ix9ines praises as a father.

What happened to tekashi69?

Tekashi 69 is still on probation after getting caught up in a racketeering trial with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Tekashi 69 was freed from prison early in April of 2020, after cooperating with the government and testifying against his former gang associates.

What do love hate knuckle tattoos mean?

The love/hate tattoo on your knuckles comes from the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter. Love/Hate symbolizes the struggle between Good and Evil, most memorably in the scene where Powell tells the story behind his tattooed knuckles.

Who did 68 snitch on?

Tekashi 6ix9ine is actually Little Finger from Game of Thrones. For all the GOT fans out there, the word snitch is connected to one person - Lord Petyr Baelish, popularly called Littlefinger.

Why is 69 not on Instagram?

The 24-year-old rapper has not deleted his Instagram and Twitter account. The rapper revealed in the interview with the media portal, that he followed his lawyers instructions and temporarily deactivated all of his social media accounts.

What are lucky knuckles tattoos?

A knuckle tattoo is a specific kind of tattoo that most commonly uses two groups of four-letter words or one eight-letter word. Some people also use their knuckles to tattoo drawings and images, sometimes in groups of four, such as the four symbols of a deck of playing cards to signify good luck.

What do love hate tattoos mean?

Love Hate. The original love/hate tats appeared on the knuckles of a psycho preacher, who trotted out his good v evil baloney as a cover for murdering widows for their cash.

Why is 69 not on social media?

6ix9ine tells TMZ he just temporarily deactivated his Instagram account ahead of his home confinement ending around August 1. The reason? He says his lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, recommended it for the rappers safety, so hes following through.

Who did 69 tattoos?

Granted, celebrity tattoo artist Tatu Panda was there to make sure Tekashi69 didnt screw up and eventually took over after the first few minutes. OMalley was pleased with his big and bold 69 tat ...

What rapper has rainbow teeth?

Against the menacing strains of his viral hit “Gummo,” he and a crowd of men in red bandannas danced, waved guns and made cryptic symbols with their hands. Hernandez, clad in a green tracksuit, thrashed his rainbow hair and bared his multicolored teeth.

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