Question: Is right up there with meaning?

Equal in some way to another thing. Oh, chocolate mousse is right up there with my favorite desserts. Going to a town hall meeting is right up there with getting a root canal, as far as Im concerned.

Will be right with you meaning?

used for saying that someone is coming very soon. Make yourself at home. Ill be right with you. Synonyms and related words.

Are be right there meaning?

To be very close to arriving at the location of the listener (or recipient of the message). It typically indicates that one is actively en route, and can be used as a standalone set phrase.

What does it mean when someone says its up there?

informal. to be equal to someone else in ability or in a particular skill: As a composer, he was up there with the best. Being or appearing similar or the same.

What does right out mean?

In a serious, direct, straightforward manner. I told him right out that I was not interested in joining his company. He said right out that he would do what it takes to get the job. See also: out, right.

What is the meaning of right back at you?

An exclamation used to express the same sentiment back to the original speaker; same as you too and same to you. Primarily heard in US, South Africa.

What does right then mean?

It happened right then =just then, just before.

How is it down there meaning?

euphemism The genital area. I scheduled a gynecologist appointment because Im having some issues down there. I just got hit down there and Im in a lot of pain right now. See also: down, there.

What does stuck mean in slang?

informal baffled or nonplussed. (foll by on) slang keen (on) or infatuated (with) get stuck in or get stuck into informal.

What does ride out mean?

: to succeed in surviving or getting through (something dangerous or harmful that cannot be stopped or avoided) The ship/crew rode out the storm. We managed to ride out the stock market downturn.

Whats another word for straight out?

Find another word for straight-out. In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for straight-out, like: ingenuous, candid, direct, downright, forthright, frank, honest, man-to-man, open, plainspoken and straight.

Am I right or am I right means?

Filters. (colloquial, rhetorical question) Said by someone who has just stated what he or she considers to be an unassailable truth. phrase. 8.

What is another word for right then?

What is another word for right then?goodokayof courseokey-dokeyrightsureyesrogeryepoke64 more rows

What do people mean by down there?

(Were going to land) down there!: (Were going to land) in that place below!

What is the meaning of over there?

phrase. Over there means in a place a short distance away from you, or in another country. The cafe is just across the road over there. Shed married some American and settled down over there.

How do you say stuck in traffic?

Both phrases are correct. I was stuck in traffic implies being in the middle of traffic, while I got stuck in traffic sounds like something that happened to you in the moment.

What is the meaning of getting stuck?

Definitions of get stuck. verb. be unable to move further. synonyms: bog down, grind to a halt, mire bog down, mire.

What does ride on mean in slang?

To be contingent upon something or someone for an outcome; depend on something or someone: Whether or not I go to college rides on my getting a scholarship.

What means ride over?

1. To come over (to someone or something) while riding on something, like a vehicle or animal. To go on top of and pass over someone or something while riding on something, like a vehicle or animal. A noun or pronoun can be used between ride and over to specify what is being ridden.

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