Question: Wie viele Grand Slam Titel hat Andre Agassi?

How many Grand Slam titles does Andre Agassi have?

8 Andre Agassi/Grand slams won (singles) Andre Agassi, in full Andre Kirk Agassi, (born April 29, 1970, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.), American professional tennis player who won eight Grand Slam titles as well as the “career Grand Slam” for winning each of the four major tennis tournaments—Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open, and the U.S. Open—at ...

How many Wimbledon titles does Andre Agassi have?

Singles: 15 (8 titles, 7 runner-ups)ResultYearTournamentWin1992Wimbledon ChampionshipsWin1994US OpenWin1995Australian OpenLoss1995US Open11 more rows

Who has won all 4 grand slams in one calendar year?

Rod Laver Past Winners In order to find a player in the mens category, we have to go way back in 1969 when Australian Rod Laver won all the four majors in a single year.

How many Grand Slams did Jimmy Connors win?

eight Grand Slam Connors won eight Grand Slam singles championships: five US Opens, two Wimbledons, and one Australian Open. He did not participate in the French Open during his peak years (1974–78), as he was banned from playing by the event in 1974 due to his association with World Team Tennis (WTT).

Did Agassi win all 4 Grand Slams?

Agassi was the first man to win all four Grand Slam singles tournaments on three different surfaces (hard, clay and grass), and the last American man to win both the French Open (in 1999) and the Australian Open (in 2003). During his 20-plus year tour career, Agassi was known by the nickname The Punisher.

Who has most Grand Slam titles?

Roger Federer Male tennis players with the most Grand Slam tournament titles won as of September 2021CharacteristicNumber of Grand Slam victoriesRoger Federer (SUI)20Rafael Nadal (ESP)20Novak Djokovic (SRB)20Pete Sampras (USA)149 more rows•Sep 14, 2021

Why did Jimmy Connors get banned?

World no. 2 Jimmy Connors and Evonne Goolagong were banned from playing in the 1974 French Open by Philippe Chatrier, president of the French Tennis Federation (FTF), because both had signed contracts to play in the World Team Tennis league in the United States.

Who is the youngest player to win a Grand Slam?

Martina Hingis The crown for youngest Grand Slam winner, man or woman, belongs to Martina Hingis. In 1997, at the age of 16-years and 117-days, the Swiss defeated former world No.

How old is John McEnroe?

62 years (February 16, 1959) John McEnroe/Age

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