Question: What does it mean if profile is unavailable on match?

When a profile is unavailable, it means that its no longer on the site, either because the member has chosen to remove his or her account or because it didnt pass our sites security checkpoints.

What does Profile unavailable mean on match?

Profile Unavailable. If you click on another members profile and see a message that the profile is unavailable, it is usually because that member has chosen to take a break to pursue a relationship, or for other reasons has chosen to hide their profile.

What does it mean when a profile is unavailable?

If you click someones profile and receive the Profile Unavailable error message, its possible youve been blocked. To assess whether or not this the case, have a mutual friend attempt to access the profile in question.

How do you tell if someone blocked you or deleted their account?

You can tell if its the former by searching for them on your friends list. If they have deactivated their account, their profile will still be there. While its not nice to discover that youve been blocked by someone, its important to respect and accept their decision to remove you from their online world.

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