Question: How do I download MSN?

How do I download MSN email?

Back up your email Select Change your e-mail settings, then select Import or export e-mail, copy e-mail, or import contacts. In the MSN copy email dialog box, select Copy e-mail, followed by Next. Select the option to Save your MSN email stored on this computer and then Next.

Can I remove MSN from my computer?

Step One: Exit all programs that are running. Step Two: Click Start, then click Control Panel. Step Three: Click Add or Remove Programs. Step Six: Click Change or Remove Programs, click MSN Internet Software, MSN, or MSN Internet Access, then click Remove.

How do I get MSN weather off my taskbar?

0:281:16How to Remove the Weather Widget from the Taskbar - Turn off News ...YouTube

How do I remove MSN icon from taskbar?

0:000:49How to Remove Icons on the Windows 10 Taskbar - YouTubeYouTube

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