Question: How much is Maria Sharapova worth?

2020 Americas Self-Made Women NET WORTH Her $39 million in career prize money is third all-time among women, but she earned nearly $300 million more (pre-tax) from sponsors and appearances. The tennis ace was Forbes highest-paid female athlete in the world for 11 consecutive years, peaking at $30 million in 2015.

How is Maria Sharapova so rich?

While her sponsorship deals and endorsements remain unclear for the time being, her investments are still largely intact. Her own candy brand, Sugarpova, still ranks as her biggest major investment which has generated quite the flow for Maria Sharapovas net worth. Second to this is her skincare company, Sugargoop.

How much does Maria Sharapova earn in a year?

Her annual earnings jumped from $3 million to $18 million, which started her run as the top-earning female athlete on the planet.

Who is the highest-paid female singer 2020?

Taylor Swift: $23.8 million Swift made Billboard history by earning the #1 spot on the top-paid musician rankings without any concert revenue. Earnings from the artists 2020 albums Folklore and Evermore amounted to $20.6 million in sales and streaming royalties, pushing her to the top of the list.

What is Virat Kohli net worth?

Virаt Kohli has a net worth of over $ 75 million as of January 2021....Virat Kohli net worth.ProfessionCricketerUpdate on year20215 more rows•Sep 29, 2021

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