Question: Is Arlong Jinbei brother?

In their youth, Arlong and Jinbe were both friends who grew up together as orphans in the Fish-Man District. They once saw each other as brothers, but they later became rivals when Arlong became a pirate and Jinbe became a soldier.

Does Arlong have a sister?

Madam Shyarly is a shortfin mako shark mermaid living on Fish-Man Island. She is the proprietor of the Mermaid Cafe and Arlongs younger half-sister. She used to be a fortune teller until she decided to discard her crystal ball.

Is Arlong in Fishman Island?

Arlong the Saw (in Japanese: ノコギリのアーロン, Nokogiri no Āron) is the captain of the Fishman crew, Arlong Pirates, and a former member of the Sunny Pirates. He was referred to in Fishman Island Arc that Hody Jones was inspired by Arlong.

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