Question: Why cant I get Facebook on my phone?

Go to your Facebook app in the Apps Management found in Settings, and clear the apps cache. Therefore, clear Facebook cache regularly. If youre an iOS user, the system will do this automatically. Check the internet connection.

How do I restore Facebook on my phone?

To recover an old account:Go to the profile of the account youd like to recover.Tap and select Find Support or Report Profile.Choose Something Else, then tap Next.Tap Recover this account and follow the steps.

Why is my Facebook app not showing on my iPhone?

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This will rearrange the stock iOS apps to their original positions, and 3rd party apps (such as Facebook) alphabetically. Thanks. That solved the problem.

Why is my Facebook account refreshing?

Facebook pages automatically refresh to display new, up-to-date content. The refresh is initiated by a meta refresh HTML tag embedded in the page source code, so you cant stop Facebook from attempting to refresh the page.

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