Question: Are U OK Day ideas?

What is the purpose of are you OK day?

The aim of R U OK? Day is to engage Australians to connect with people in the community they may have concerns about, encouraging them to seek further help and to follow up to ensure support is being provided.

How is RU OK effective?

University of Melbourne researchers have found the R U OK? Day campaign continues to be relevant and effective in spreading key messages about the importance of reaching out to others and empowering members of the community to have conversations about life problems.

Who is the target audience for RU OK?

It is important to note that R U OK?s target audience is family, friends and communities living and working alongside people at risk, and not its target beneficiaries. R U OK? targets Australians who know someone grappling with any problem causing emotional anguish or distress.

What does RU OK stand for?

are you okay 9 September 2021. Website. R U OK? is an Australian non-profit suicide prevention organisation, founded by advertiser Gavin Larkin in 2009. It revolves around the slogan R U OK? (are you okay?), and advocates for people to have conversations with others.

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