Question: What size is 40 cm in us?

What is size 40 in US womens?

Womens Shoe Size ChartUSE.U.cm838.524.18.53924.6939.525.19.54025.513 more rows

What is size a XL?

Size ChartExtra Large (XL)Chest:Inches44-46Centimetres112-117Waist:Inches40-42Centimetres102-107

What is size 40 in us clothes?

A French size 40 is similar to a U.S. size 10.

What US size is French 40?

For example, if you are wearing a US women shoe size 5, your approximate size in a French size is 36....French Shoe Sizes Chart – Women.US SizeFrench SizeFoot Length (inches)8399 ½”9409 ⅞”104110.19”114210 ½”3 more rows

What size is 41 in US?

Shoe Size GuideUS SizesEuro SizesCM7.540-4124.884125.48.541-4225.79422613 more rows

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