Question: Who is Atticus Rose?

Atticus Matthew Cowper Ross (born 16 January 1968) is an English musician, songwriter, record producer, composer, and audio engineer. Along with Trent Reznor, he won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Social Network in 2010.

Does Atticus Ross have children?

Brother of Leopold Ross and model-actress Liberty Ross. Has three children with his wife, Claudia Sarne.

What band is Atticus Ross in?

Nine Inch NailsSince 2016 How to Destroy AngelsSince 201012 RoundsErrorSince 2003 Atticus Ross/Music groups Ross began working with Reznor in 2002, first on his erstwhile side-project Tapeworm. He later worked with Nine Inch Nails, first as a programmer and producer starting in 2005, and became an official member of the band in 2016.

How do you destroy Angels album?

Welcome Oblivion2013 How to Destroy Angels2010, EPAn Omen EP2012, EP How to Destroy Angels/Albums

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