Question: Who are Redfoos parents?

Who is LMFAO father?

Berry Gordy The duo behind LMFAO — the aforementioned party rockers — are Stefan and Skyler Gordy. Respectively, theyre the son and grandson of the legendary Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records. (For the record, the two are uncle and nephew, not father and son.)

Does Redfoo have a sister?

Rhonda Ross Kendrick Hazel GordyKerry GordySherry Gordy Redfoo/Sisters

What is redfoo doing in 2020?

Still Making Music Though Redfoo has stepped away from the limelight, he continues to work on songs and beats. In 2018, he released his latest song Brand New Day, where he talks about positivity, change, and love. Despite his unrecognisably serious tone, he still injects his brand of fun in everything he does.

Why did redfoo stop making music?

Redfoo went on to make music in Australia and play tennis. But after releasing a debut album that didnt do so well in 2016, he decided to fully take a break from music, according to Life and Style. Apparently, Redfoo had been on track to play tennis professionally as a teen, but suffered a major injury.

Who is Redfoos mom?

Nancy Leiviska Redfoo/Mothers

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