Question: What is Cwid number?

Your Campus Wide ID (CWID) is your unique Stevens ID number that is used for many purposes, such as registering for clubs and events, checking out equipment, and identity verification.

How many digits is Cwid?

What is the format of the campus-wide-ID number (CWID)? The campus-wide-ID number (CWID) is a 9-digit number beginning with 8.

What is the Cougar Card?

Your CougarCard is the only card you need as a student at WSU. It serves as your university ID, lets you access facilities and pay for food with your meal plan, and so much more! WSU Dining is proud to announce a new dining option tailored for off-campus Pullman students, faculty, and staff.

How do I find my Marist ID number?

Your CWID is a unique 8-digit number given to you upon your acceptance to the college. It was listed in your admissions letter along with your username and password.

How do I access my Usfca email?

Log into the MyUSF Portal (, and click on Email on the menu at the top of the page to see the USF Office 365 ( and OLD USF EMAIL (

Where can I pick up a Cougar Card?

Please schedule an appointment to pick up your replacement card our office, located in the Welcome Center Parking Garage, Suite 151.

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