Question: Who is Pasquale sciarappa?

Pasquale Sciarappa was born in the town of Orsara di Puglia in the Apulia region of Italy in 1939. With a population of just over 2,700, the town gives its name to Sciarappas channel. He began his culinary career in Torino in 1957 before eventually moving to the United States. He now resides in Long Branch, NJ.

Is Chef Pasquale still alive?

Deceased (1936–2005) Pasquale Carpino/Living or Deceased

Does Spago have Michelin stars?

Spago Beverly Hills, with its expansive kitchen, became the flagship. Spago Beverly Hills was awarded two stars by Michelin Guide, a recognition achieved by only three LA restaurants.

Whats the English name for Pasquale?

Pasquale is a masculine Italian given name and a surname mainly found in southern Italy. It is a cognate of the French name Pascal, the Spanish Pascual, the Portuguese Pascoal and the Catalan Pasqual.

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