Question: What does ajo y Agua means?

What does ajo mean in spanish slang?

English Translation. garlic. More meanings for ajo. garlic noun.

What does Agua mean in Spanish slang?

Mexican slang is creative and, for some, too coarse for comfort. So when Mexicans shout “aguas!” you can guarantee they are not talking about water. Literally, this announcement would translate to “waters,” but in this case “aguas” is being used to tell one to be careful or watch out.

What do Agua mean?

water Agua means water in Spanish.

What does Ajo mean in Native American?

Ajo was and is a tri-national town. Its residents are Native Americans from the Tohono Oodham tribe; Hispanics mostly from Mexico; and white people, who have lived in Ajo for a long or short time. The tribe changed its name from the Papago to Tohono Oodham in 1986; the name means Desert People.

Does Ajo mean garlic?

noun The garlic, Allium sativum.

Why do Mexicans say Camara?

Cámara -I see (“you will regret this”) is implied. Origin: When used as “OK.

What does Chacorta mean in Spanish?

Noun. tomar algo a chacotato take something as a joke. chacota. estar de chacota to be in a joking mood; echar o tomar algo a chacota to make fun of sth. Chacorta Espacio vendido.

How do natives say hi?

The generic TV-Indian greeting How--and the Y-Indian Princess greeting How How--are Americanized versions of the Lakota/Dakota Sioux word Hau, which means hello. This greeting is still used by Sioux people today.

Who was Chacorta?

Raúl MéndezEl Señor de los Cielos Víctor Casillas Chacorta/Played by

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