Question: Which app is most used in Europe?

WhatsApp was the most downloaded app in Europe for Q1 2019 with more than 44 million installs. The highest percentage of those installs were from Russia at 28 percent, followed by Turkey at 18 percent and France at nine percent.

Check out the 34 best travel apps to enjoy in Europe:Omio (formerly GoEuro)Rome2Rio.Skyscanner.AZair.FlixBus.BlaBlaCar.CityMapper.9292.

Whats the most used app in the world?

Most Popular Apps 2020 (Global)AppDownloads 2020WhatsApp600 millionFacebook540 millionInstagram503 millionZoom477 million6 more rows•Jul 6, 2021

Is WhatsApp free in 2021?

Unless youve set up a business account on it, WhatsApp is not going to charge you in 2021. There will be no charge for the usage of the app by regular, everyday users.

What is most downloaded app of all time?

The 20 Most Popular Android Apps in the Google Play Store1. Facebook (+1) 7.073 billion downloads. WhatsApp (-1)3. Facebook Messenger (=) 5.327 billion downloads. Instagram (=) Image Gallery (2 Images) TikTok (New) 2.631 billion downloads. Subway Surfers (-1) 7. Facebook Lite (-1) Microsoft Word (+2) •Jul 20, 2021

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