Question: How do I delete my POF account on my iPhone app?

Will deleting POF app delete my account?

1. If you use the POF mobile app, know that deleting it from your phone wont delete your profile! You wont have the app on your phone anymore, but your profile will still be viewable by other people with the app. So remember to use the link above to delete your profile correctly and permanently.

How do I delete her account on app?

You can only close an account on HER from inside the app. iOS - My Profile > Settings in the top, left hand corner > Scroll down to Support > Select Close Account. When you close your account it will delete all your profile data. Your account will no longer be visible anywhere inside of the app.

How can I delete an application from my iPhone?

If you touch and hold an app from the Home Screen and the apps start to jiggle: Tap the Remove icon in the upper-left corner of the app....How to delete an appTouch and hold the app.Tap Remove App .Tap Delete App, then tap Delete to confirm.28 Jun 2021

How do I delete my POF account on mobile?

How to Delete POF Account on Android App?Go to Google Play Store on your phone.From the menu, select subscriptions.Find your POF subscription from the list.Select the Cancel Subscription option.23 Mar 2021

How do I unsubscribe from plenty of fish?

Easy Procedure to Delete POF Account From Mobile Phone. Now under the Play store menu, go to the “Account” section. Tap on the “Subscriptions” option. Now select the app of the subscription you would like to cancel. Click on “Cancel” and “Yes” to confirm the cancellation of the POF app on your Android phone or tablet.

Can I delete Apple Health app?

Frankly, its not possible to delete the health app permanently, but yes, it can be moved from the home screen to the App Library if you are using iOS 14 or later, and for earlier iOS versions, why not put it inside the app folder, to fix messed up iPhone home screen.

How do I delete my POF account from my phone?

How to delete POF account on AndroidGo to the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.Sign in to your Google Account, if you arent already.From the menu, select “Subscriptions.”Find your POF subscription among the list.Select “Cancel Subscription.”3 Dec 2020

How do you turn off POF emails?

Using the Unsubscribe Feature to Stop Emails from POFOpen the email.Use the unsubscribe link at the bottom, which leads you to their mail settings page.Choose which emails you wish to receive.Confirm with update mail settings.

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