Question: When did White Zombie break up?

The group officially disbanded in 1998. In 2000, White Zombie was included on VH1s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, ranking at No. 56.

When did Rob Zombie leave White Zombie?

In 1997, he began working on his debut solo studio album, Hellbilly Deluxe, which was released in August 1998. A month later, Zombie officially disbanded White Zombie. Hellbilly Deluxe went on to sell over three million copies worldwide and spawned three singles.

What happens to White Zombie?

Rob Zombie said he woke up Tuesday morning knowing he had to make some sort of move. This thing had been dragging on forever, Zombie (born Robert Straker) said of his decision to amicably end his 13-year-old horror/metal/industrial band, White Zombie. White Zombie officially announced their breakup Wednesday.

Does Rob Zombie drink or do drugs?

Unlike his contemporary, Marilyn Manson, Zombie is not into drugs or alcohol. And hes vegan.

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