Question: Do you have to message first on OkCupid?

Please note: You can only send one initial message, so make it a good one! If the other person hasnt liked you yet, you wont see their profile (or your sent message) until they like you back. This is so you dont waste your time on people youve already reached out to.

What should be the first message on OkCupid?

20 Best OkCupid OpenersWould You Rather? Asking a question is one of the best OkCupid opener because it is one of the few OkCupid messages that get responses. Be Specific. Be Real. Defer To Their Wisdom. Ask About Their Weekend. Be Open-Minded. Be Funny! Start With a Joke. •Aug 4, 2020

How do I impress a girl on OkCupid?

0:003:31OKCupid Tips For Men: How To Get More Girls - YouTubeYouTube

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