Question: Who does shinra end up with?

Shinra will end up with Tamaki in Fire Force, and its only a matter of time before they realize their feelings. While Tamaki already likes Shinra, her tsundere personality results in the latter being unaware of it.

Who has a crush on Shinra?

Princess Hibana (プリンセス火華 ひばな) A young attractive captain of the Company 5 fell in love with Shinra after they fought in the Company 5 facility. Shinra asked Hibara why she became so cooperative all sudden and she answered to Shinra, Because… Ive got crush on you…

Who is Shinra girlfriend in Fire Force?

Iris. Shinra sees Iris as a friend and someone to protect, as seen when he saved her when they first met before he joined company 8. He has shown to find her attractive as he has blushed when seeing her exposed during her purification ritual and when they went shopping.

Who does Maki like in Fire Force?

She respects Hinawa Her official profile (contained in the comic vol. 4) says the persons she respects are Lieutenant Hinawa and Captain Obi though she is also scared of Hinawa according to the profile. I guess its because Hinawa is very strict to himself and others.

Does Shinra have a sister?

Iris (アイリス, Airisu) is a sister originating from The Holy Sol Temple, and a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8....Iris.Iris EditRankSisterDebut(s)MangaShinra Kusakabe Joins the ForceAnimeShinra Kusakabe Enlists21 more rows

Does Shinra love maki?

From the moment Shinra joined the brigade, Maki has established herself as an older sister figure and comrade. While Shinra finds her attractive, there is absolutely no romantic attraction between them.

Does Hibana like Shinra?

Hibana was an antagonist in the beginning, and her change in attitude couldnt be faster. She soon developed a crush on Shinra, and her heart-eyes towards him are becoming more and more apparent.

Who is Shinras mom?

Mari Kusakabe, Shinras mother, is shown to be very caring towards her two sons, encouraging Shinras dreams of being a hero and always being attentive towards the newborn Shō.

Where is Shinras mom?

1. What happened to Shinras mom? Shinras mom was turned into a Demon Infernal, who then submitted to the Evangelist for servitude. As per Captain Burns, Shinra was not the cause of the fire and his Mothers turn – but it was his brother Sho Kusakabe.

Who is Shinras protector?

Current GuardiansNamePillarAffilationJokerShinra KusakabeHoly Sols ShadowRitsuInca KasugataniWhite-CladYūichirō KuronoNataku SonHaijima IndustriesUnknownSumireUnknown4 more rows

Who is the strongest Adolla burst user?

Shinra But most importantly, Shinra having the Adolla Burst makes him incredibly powerful. Hes one of the Eight Pillars the Evangelist wants to sacrifice.

Who is stronger than benimaru?

Diablo is stronger than Benimaru because Diablo is a member of the “Seven Demon Primordial”; hence, his power is ten times stronger than that of Benimarus.

Who is Shinras mother?

Mari Kusakabe, Shinras mother, is shown to be very caring towards her two sons, encouraging Shinras dreams of being a hero and always being attentive towards the newborn Shō. During the fire that supposedly claimed her life, she was seen trying to save her children.

Who does benimaru marry?

One last thing Id like to mention about Benimaru is his status as a True Demon Lord in the light novels. An angel that was incarnated into the body of a wolf (a Tengu) became infatuated with Benimaru during Rimurus first martial arts tournament. She proposed to him and asked for his hand in marriage.

Does benimaru marry Momiji?

Benimaru wedded Momiji, completed his True Demon Lord evolution, and Momiji gave birth to their child.

Does Milim love Rimuru?

Milim thinks of Rimuru as her only friend and cares a lot for him. Milim loves Rimuru and awakened romantic feelings after his ascent to a True Demon Lord. Rimuru gave her Dragon Knuckles to prevent Milim from overexerting her powers, and the latter never removed them ever since.

How does Momiji break his curse?

In chapter 115, his curse is broken before the rest of the zodiac, and he decides to one day leave Akito despite the latters pleading and threats. Momiji takes to Tohru very quickly, including kissing her when they first meet and hugging her when they are formally introduced despite his curse.

Is Milim Veldora daughter?

A bit of a surprise that remains unknown for most viewers, Milim is actually the daughter of the dragon Veldanava. Veldanavas brother is Veldora, the dragon absorbed by Rimuru Tempest, which actually makes Veldora into Milims uncle.

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