Question: Where is the Bixby key located?

Bixby can be activated using the side key or Bixby key, which are both located underneath the volume buttons on the left hand side of your device.

Where is Bixby key?

The Bixby button is placed right below the volume keys on the right side of Samsungs Galaxy S21, S20, and Note 20 phones and the left side of the Note 10 phones. Its also the power button for those phones. Bixby is activated by long-pressing on that button, but you may just want it to be your power button.

What is a Bixby key?

Bixby is the Samsung intelligence assistant first introduced on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. You can interact with Bixby using your voice, text, or taps. The dedicated Bixby button on the left is a handy way to call up Bixby. A short press on the Bixby button takes you to the Bixby main page.

Where is the Bixby button on my Samsung phone?

One of the more maligned parts of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, the infamous Bixby Button lives on the left side of Samsungs flagship phones, just under the volume controls and opposite of the power button.

How do you press Bixby key?

Open Bixby Assistant Home by pressing the Bixby key. Then, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap the name of your desired device. Tap Settings, tap Bixby key, and then select an option. You can use a single or double press to open Bixby.

Can I get rid of Bixby?

While you cant disable Bixby entirely, you can change the settings to stop Bixby from launching accidentally. If your phone has a dedicated Bixby key, you can remap it so a different app will open when you press the key. If you want, you can use that assistant instead of Bixby.

Why does Bixby keep popping up?

If Bixby keeps accidentally waking up on your phone, you can adjust the options for the Bixby or Side key. If your phone has a dedicated Bixby key, you can remap it so a different app will open when you press the key. If your phone has a Side key, you can customize the Side Key to open a different app instead of Bixby.

Is Samsung getting rid of Bixby?

Starting with the Galaxy Note 10 series and continuing until today through the S21 line, Samsung removed the dedicated Bixby button and integrated the voice control access into the power button.

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