Question: How much does Muslima cost?

How can I cancel my Muslima membership?

To permanently delete your account go to your profile seetings and select the button on the bottom of the page that says To switch your profile off on Muslima click here. This will lead you to another page where you will need to state the reason for your account closure and provide feedback (which is optional).

Do you say thank God or thanks God?

1:182:10Thank God or Thanks God? - YouTubeYouTube

How can I thank God?

Tell other people about God.For instance, if someone says, Your home is beautiful, you might say, Thank you! God has really blessed my life and Im very grateful to Him.If they ask you more about your faith in God, you might invite them to come to church with you so they can learn about Gods generosity as well.

What are the 3 types of Islam?

Muslims Adhere to Different Islamic SectsSunni Muslims include 84%–90% of all Muslims. Shi`ite Muslims comprise 10%–16% of all Muslims. Sufis are Islamic mystics. Bahais and Ahmadiyyas are 19th-century offshoots of Shi`ite and Sunni Islam, respectively.

What is Hanafi law?

The Hanafi School is one of the four major schools of Sunni Islamic legal reasoning and repositories of positive law. It was built upon the teachings of Abu Hanifa (d. 767), a merchant who studied and taught in Kufa, Iraq, and who is reported to have left behind one major work, Al-Fiqh al-Akbar.

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