Question: Is Kiel multicultural?

Is Low Saxon still spoken?

It has been estimated that Low German has approximately 2.2–5 million speakers in Germany, primarily Northern Germany, and 2.15 million in the Netherlands....Low GermanLanguage familyIndo-European Germanic West Germanic North Sea Germanic Low GermanEarly formsOld Saxon Middle Low German16 more rows

What is the meaning of Keil?

The name Keil is a boys name of German origin meaning wedge.

Whats the meaning of Kiel?

Polish (Kiel): from kiel tooth, fang, hence a nickname for someone with bad or protruding teeth. ...

What happened at Kiel?

The Kiel mutiny (German: Kieler Matrosenaufstand) was a major revolt by sailors of the German High Seas Fleet on 3 November 1918. It ultimately led to the end of the German Empire and to the establishment of the Weimar Republic.

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