Question: Was Boondock Saints a true story?

The Boondock Saints is a 1999 American vigilante action thriller film written and directed by Troy Duffy. Duffy indicates that the screenplay was inspired by personal experience while living in Los Angeles.

What did Troy Duffy do?

At the beginning of 1997, Troy Duffy was a 28-year-old blue-collar Bostonian, bartending at a west Hollywood hangout called J Sloans, when he sold a script for The Boondock Saints, a thriller about two Irish vigilantes, to Harvey Weinsteins independent powerhouse Miramax for $450,000.

Is The Boondock Saints a satire?

The Boston Irish crime thing feels a bit overdone today, but it was certainly fair game in 1999. Its also nice to see a movie not trying to be something it isnt- BOONDOCK is an over the top, tongue-in-cheek satire, and it knows it.

Who killed Rocco Boondock Saints?

Death. Rocco and the MacManus brothers were captured by Yakavettas guards while attempting to infiltrate Papa Joes house, and was murdered by Papa Joe himself.

Why is there no Boondock Saints 3?

On September 3, 2014, the third film, subtitled Legion, was revealed to be in pre-production. In 2017, Flanery tweeted that he and Reedus had walked away from The Boondock Saints 3. While he did not elaborate on much, he suggested that the unethical production of the project caused their departure.

Is there ever going to be a Boondock Saints 3?

Director Troy Duffy is putting a TapStory spin on The Boondock Saints with the release of The Boondock Saints Season 3: Mob War, the third and final season of Duffys 1999 cult-classic film. CBR has an exclusive first look at The Boondock Saints Season 3: Mob War, which is now available on the Macroverse app.

Is there going to be a 3rd Boondock Saints movie?

As of July 2013, Duffy has confirmed in an interview that he is working on the script for the third film, and possibly a TV series, later named as The Boondock Saints: Origins. On September 3, 2014, the third film, subtitled Legion, was revealed to be in pre-production.

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