Question: What causes a person to be close minded?

Closed-minded people are more interested in proving themselves right than in getting the best outcome. They dont ask questions. They want to show you where youre wrong without understanding where youre coming from. They get angry when you ask them to explain something.

How can I stop being closed-minded?

Your closed mind closes minds around you....Developing an open mind:Embrace and express your closed-mind. Some things arent changing. Argue for the other side.An opened mouth often indicates a closed mind, unless its opened to ask questions.Include those you exclude. Go with someone elses plan. Stop controlling.Jul 16, 2013

How do you deal with a narrow-minded person?

Be respectful, but also stand up for yourself. Do not blame or demean the person, but assert your rights and feelings. For example, your narrow-minded boyfriend is insisting that its petty for you to want to stay out late with your friends. Do not say something like, Thats ridiculous and youre being controlling.

What is a closed minded person?

chiefly US, disapproving. : not willing to consider different ideas or opinions : having or showing a closed mind Hes becoming increasingly closed-minded in his old age. a very close-minded attitude.

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