Question: Who was the first bad girl?

When did BGC first air?

June 1, 1999 Bad Girls/First episode date The first series of Bad Girls premiered on ITV1 on 1 June 1999, and ended on 3 August 1999. It consists of ten episodes. The show was produced by Shed Productions as part of Shed Media. After the first episode aired, the show became an instant hit in the United Kingdom.

Who Won bad girls?

ContestantsBad GirlOriginal seasonOutcomeJenniffer Jenn HardwickSeason 10: AtlantaWinnerFlorina Flo KajaSeason 4: Los AngelesRunner-upDanielle Danni VictorSeason 8: Las Vegas3rd placeGabrielle Gabi VictorSeason 8: Las Vegas4th place10 more rows

Who Killed Jim Fenner?

However, none of these methods succeeded in their purpose and Fenner clambers to the doorway of the hanging cell, where he is met by Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees), who stabs him in the throat with an icicle.

What year is bad girls?

June 1, 1999 Bad Girls/Premiere dates

Why did Jack Ellis leave bad girls?

Ellis left Bad Girls at the end of the seventh series when his character was murdered by inmate Julie Johnston (Kika Mirylees).

Who killed Yvonne Atkins?

Jim Fenner Portrayed by Linda Henry, Yvonne first appeared in the penultimate episode of Series 1. She played a prominent role in Series 2, 3, 4 and 5 as Top Dog of G-Wing, until she was murdered by Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) in the last episode of Series 5.

How many bad girl series are there?

Eight series Bad Girls is a television drama series which premiered on ITV on 1 June 1999. Eight series were produced with a total of 107 episodes, including two Christmas specials which are now established as the official finales to the two latter series.

Is Olivia from BGC alive?

Liv is currently 27 and she resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania....Olivia Liv AdamsRivalriesAngela Babicz Asia Jeudy Dime Jimenez Kristina BabiczProgressRemoved from the house in Season 15Social Media8 more rows

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